Monkeyfrog was formed in 2006 by lead singer Marc Twynholm. For 10 years he specialised in studio sessions producing 2 albums. Step forward to 2018 and the band is now out on the road for the very first time with the line up of Marc Twynholm (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Daniel Scott (Lead Guitar), Adam Fraser (Guitars), Adam Nash (Bass) and Jonathan Sutters (Drums).

The Monkeyfrogs sound is gutsy rock-fuelled guitar riffs, served with intelligently-crafted, poignant lyrics. Monkeyfrog is here to remind us of the irony of life and the world we live in.

Paper Tigers, the forthcoming album is probably the first truly collaborative project for Marc since 1989. “I went into the studio on the back of New Tricks for Old Dogs to create a 3rd album of similar style,” says Marc. From his first day in the studio with Monkeyfrog, Daniel’s passion for music reignited my love of songwriting and storytelling, and now I cannot wait to go out and play these songs live.”


Monkeyfrog Live at the Classic Grand Saturday 11th August

“Our gig is an amazing opportunity to showcase all the creative material we have been working on in the recording studio”, says Daniel Scott. “It’s been such a great learning experience working with Marc over the past year and I'm very excited to bring our new sound to an audience.”

Tickets for the Classic Grand on Saturday 11th August, Priced £15.00: can be purchased on Eventbrite.

Violet’s Diary

Not all Marc’s songs suit the rock style of Monkeyfrog, and so, Marc (Vocals/Guitar) and Daniel (Guitars) have put together a 2nd band with Paul Keating (Bass) and Mark Kent (Drums) known collectively as Violet's Diary. Hauntingly-catchy melodies with soaring strings against a backdrop of love, loss, and hope.

Violet’s Diary, will appear alongside Monkeyfrog on the 11th August at the Classic Grand.


Monkeyfrog albums: Monkey-picked Tea and New Tricks for Old Dogs can be found on streaming services: Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music as is Marc's solo album 'Ivy'